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Arcadia CA Parks and Recreation

Arcadia is abundant in natural beauty. Arcadian residents take great pride in their city, and they have preserved their slice of paradise. The easiest way to experience Arcadia’s natural beauty and community is to visit Arcadia’a parks and participate in recreational activities. There is something for everyone at Arcadia.

Parks and Facilities
Bonita Skatepark — Bonita Skatepark is a skateboarder’s paradise. The park cover 10,700 square feet and welcomes all skateboarders and in-line skaters. The park hosts competitions, classes and events geared towards skating aficionados.

Wilderness Park — Arcadia’s Wilderness Park is located below the Big Santa Anita Canyon. The park stretches 120 acres. Only 8.5 acres have been developed into recreational areas. The Wilderness Park is largely preserved in its natural state. Guests can enjoy the native flora and fauna and the Wilderness Park’s stream.

Arcadia Dog Park — Arcadia human residents are not the only ones who want to enjoy Arcadia’s scenic landscape. Four-legged Arcadians can roam off-leash at the Arcadia Dog Park. Since 2004, the Arcadia Dog Park provides 3/4 acres of enclosed space for dogs to roam freely, exercise and socialize.

Recreation and Community
Arcadia is committed to providing enrichment to every Arcadian because community is important. For instance, Arcadia has developed the Senior Citizen Services Division to support the welfare of the senior citizens.

Arcadia Community Center — The Arcadia Community Center provides classes and hosts events for the community. It is also available for civic and nonprofit functions and activities.

The Dana Gym — The Dana Gym provides recreation classes and athletic activities to the community. The Dana Gym is also used by students at the Arcadia Unified School District. The Dana Gym houses a basketball court, a volleyball court and a badminton set for the community to enjoy.

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